Stocker Stadium brings up a lot of good memories for me. Seeing it in its earlier form is amazing.

I played football here every Friday or Saturday night for 3 years. Walking through those gates towards the locker room gave you that rush that you were about to play some football.

Knowing that these gates have been here as long as they have is fantastic. How many students have gone through these gates? I know walking through those gates gave me a sense of pride.

The older picture was taken before 1949, now in 2018, this whole place looks completely different. A full track, beautiful football and baseball fields. Just imagine someone who could now be a mayor or senator could have walked right through those gates to get ready for the Friday night football game.

Times Have Changed The Look Of Suplizio Field
Brandon Thomas

It is things like this that make you realize how much life continues to move and grow. I can't wait to be around 40 years from now to see what it looks like then. Can you say floating chairs?

Share a few memories of Suplizio Field. Did you play? Were you apart of the band? I would like to know!

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