It has come to my attention that Colorado loves a good time. If there's a good reason to party they certainly will find one. For those of you that haven’t heard, Colorado has some pretty deranged festivals. There are three festivals that I’ve decided that I am definitely going to go experience, just to say I’ve been there.

I have a friend from Texas that asked me about this festival. At first I thought he was joking. Come to find out this is probably the most unusual celebration I’ve ever heard of. “Let’s go see Grandpa Bredo on ice kids!” Bredo Maorstol’s body was preserved on dry ice, and stored in liquid nitrogen in 1989 when he was brought to the United States by his grandson Trygve Bauge. In 1993, Bredo was moved to Nederland, Colorado. Long story short, Bredo is still frozen! Celebrations each year for Grandpa obviously happen when it’s freezing cold outside. Festival kicks off with a slow-motion parade, tours of the Tuff Shed where Bredo remains frozen are available, coffin races, pancake breakfast, and a “polar plunge.” I know I could never partake in the plunge. Jumping into bitter ice cold water, mmm … no! I’d end up next to Grandpa Bredo, dead!

Another bizarre festival. Emma Crawford passed away in 1890, but before she passed she had requested that she be buried on top of Red Mountain. Her fiancé honored her desire. Emma remained resting in peace, until 1912 when they had to move her remains for building purposes. After several years of bad weather, and lots of rain. Emma slid down the hill. Her name plate and handles to the coffin were found by two boys. Manitou Springs has been honoring Emma Crawford now for 20+ years. Coffin races are a must for Emma.

Last, but certainly not least.

Same friend that asked me about Frozen Dead Guy Days, asked me about Mike the Headless Chicken. I’m like, “this guy is wacked!” Truth be told, he is not wacked. When I got to Grand Junction, I asked my co-workers if this was for real. If you’re from this area, you’re probably, shaking your head yes right now. Poor Mike the chicken did not want to die. Like all farmers do when they need a chicken for dinner, they cut off the head. Owner of Mike was a farmer from Fruita, Lloyd Olsen. When Lloyd cut off Mikes head in 1945, but Mike wouldn’t die. Mike was a pretty remarkable chicken. This chicken had a will to live. Sadly, Mike passed on 18 months later, on March 17, 1947. The Fruita Festival started in 1999, and is held usually the end of May each year. I’m told a pretty big deal. Mike is celebrated with a 5K run like a headless chicken, egg toss, chicken bingo and more.

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