Grand Junction needs an XFL Team STAT
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Vince McMahon owner and chairman of the WWE has announced the return of the XFL. If you remember, back in 2001 was the lone season of the XFL.

With them treating it like another avenue for his wrestling and little time to prepare this league was doomed from the start. This time around he is sticking to strictly football.

So what if Grand Junction threw their name in the hat to have an XFL team of our very own. I have a few choices for our team name and some crazy names that will go on the back of the jerseys.  Like the forever legendary HE Hate Me.

Team Names

Grand Junction Monuments

Grand Junction Mustangs

Grand Junction Peach Machine

Grand Junction Fossils

Jersey Names

Zip Strongarm

G. Lou Hands

Sped D. Feet

These are just a few of the names that I think would be awesome for a team name or on the back of a jersey. If you have any names to add please let me know!


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