Everyone likes to get to where ever they are going as quickly as possible. Like they say quickest way from point a to point b is a straight line.

So that got me thinking, What street in Grand Junction is the longest? Of course the highways and interstate don't count because of course, those would be the longest.

I am talking about actual in town roads that stretch the longest and can get you where you need to go the quickest.

In my search for such a street, I believe I have found it. This street runs all the way from Clifton to the Mesa Mall without having to take another street. It is also one of those roads that go by two different names even though it shouldn't.

I am sure all of you locals don't need any more hints because I'm sure you know exactly where I am talking about. The street in question is none other than F road and Patterson. I

The Longest Street In Grand Junction
Google Maps

F Road and Patterson is the longest road in Grand Junction. It will get you from one end of the Valley all the way to Mesa Mall. So if you need to get somewhere and don't want to turn down every other street, take Patterson it will shorten your drive big time.

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