I love living in Grand Junction. I have been here my whole life with no plans of moving. But that doesn't mean this town is perfect.

Yes, Grand Junction has a lot to do -- if you are a human. Most trails won't let you bring your dogs with you. Which is something I don't get?

I think we need more stuff for animals in this town. I'm not talking about a dog park or anything like that. We need a place in Grand Junction where all of the animals can go and hang out.

What we should do is take one of the abandoned buildings in town and turn it into an animal club. Then you can bring any animal you've got, whether it is a dog, cat, lizard, or bird, this place will have everything for each animal.

It would also be a place where your animals could just hang out with their animal buddies and not be worried about them running off. I have a lot of animals and a place like that, I believe would make our animals happier,

Kids need to have time with their friends so why shouldn't the animals be able to?

This is something I think we need in our town. Let me know what you think.

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