The Denver Post is looking for an artist to create a Colorado-themed coloring book. This is how you turn your artwork into a Colorado sketchbook.

Drawing is a fun creative outlet and we've got more time than ever to create right now. If you created your own coloring book, just think about what it would look like. Now take that coloring book and make it Colorado themed.

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There could be mountain lions, bears and mule deer in the coloring book. And maybe those animals would be stuff in traffic on I-70. Your Colorado themed coloring book could have all kinds of things in it.

Imagine having your artwork turned in your very own coloring book -- and getting paid for it. The Denver Post is currently looking for sketches of proposed coloring book pages, all Colorado themed of course.

According to the Denver Post, if they select yours, they will pay you to turn your sketch into a coloring page. The winning coloring book page will be published in print and online and your name and social media handle will be at the bottom.

The Denver Post says they'll be disappointed if they don't get at least one Blucifer submission and they'll be sure to share their favorites. Find out more about turning your artwork into a Colorado coloring book page here.

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