This is how long the people of Grand Junction, aka Grand Junctionites, have lived in Grand Junction. I just hit my two-year mark a few days ago, and it feels like that time just flew by.

After asking you our on our Facebook 'how long have you lived in Grand Junction?' we have a number.

We received all kind of answers from 60 years to 12 years to 3 years. We took the average of all of the answers on our Facebook, and here's how long Grand Juncitonites have lived in Grand Junction.

27 years, that's how long Grand Junctionites have lived here.

If I wanted to live here that long, either I've got 2 years down and 25 to go, or I would've needed to be born here, and never left.

I can only imagine how much in Grand Junction has changed in the last 27 years. It seems like Grand Junction is good enough to dedicated almost three decades of your life to. Plus 27 is a great number, considering that's how old I am. It's the best number yet.

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