It is crazy how quickly this year has gone by. Christmas is upon us so fast that if you blink there is a chance you might miss it.

There is a silver lining with the year going by so rapidly. It means that New Year's Eve is coming up real soon. So why not go out and do something you haven't done before.

Here are a few things that you could do for New Year's Eve around Colorado that will hit your fun button.

Head on up to Denver and dress in your 1920s best while partying the night away. If this doesn't sound like a seriously fun time then I don't know what will. Make sure to have a babysitter before you go out because this party is only for adults.

Not to much detail on this year's bash, but in previous years I have heard that it is pretty legendary. There will be food and drink to keep you going through the night. The little bit of secrecy is making me want to go a little bit more. This year's theme is Around The World so make sure to dress appropriately. Maybe a nice Blazer?

This is something for New Year's that you can do with your whole family. You will start 2018 in style while having fun on the mountain. The skiers go down the slopes while fireworks go off in the background. That has fun written all over it. Not to mention a view that is absolutely breathtaking!

If you want to feel fancy then this is the place to go. Dress in your Sundays best and make it an evening to remember. Enjoy a set course menu and they also added something to the festivities. A brand new dessert bar! Why not have some good fashioned fun on new years.

This is an event that you must go to. Get a room and just have the most fun you have ever had. The Boys of Summer will be there playing you right into 2018. Make your loved one feel like you are in a fairytale. The best part is, no curfew!

Now go out and bring in the new year with a bang!


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