Summer road trips for Grand Junction residents may mean an adventure on I-70 to Denver. Some folks drive this route or part of it every day for work and know the struggle, while others are shocked to head down the road and find it in less than ideal conditions.

After recently completing my first round trip to Denver and back, I was also surprised to feel like I was driving across the moon for most of the trip. I felt the drive to Denver from GJ is worse than the conditions found on the trip back to the western slope. What things would you improve about I-70?

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Driving I-70 From Grand Junction to Denver

It's one of the prettiest drives you can take, although you may notice an impending sense of dread as your car drives over the moon craters in the pavement. I'd rather have I-70 than go around the long way, but how much longer can the road deteriorate before we run into even more issues?

What Are Grand Junction's Top Suggestions About Improving I-70?

The majority of suggestions have to do with improving the surface of the roads themselves. Another suggestion was about rest areas and why they all seem to be closed. Plenty of drivers say they also notice road work zones with equipment but no workers present. What is being done there?

What Else Would You Improve About Driving I-70 to Denver?

What tips would you give to Colorado about improvements to I-70 between Denver and Grand Junction? We would love to hear from you on social media or with our free station app. Hit the chat button to text or voice message the studio about your suggestions or take the link here.

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KEKB Facebook

Things Grand Junction Colorado Would Change About I-70 to Denver

Plenty of the residents on Colorado's western slope have to drive I-70 to Denver on a regular basis. We asked what are some things you would like to see improved about the route in either direction? Your comments are featured here.

MORE: Best I-70 Rest Area You've Never Been To

Stephens Park in west Vail isn't actually a rest area, but it might as well be. It's right off the interstate and offers a restroom, picnic area, dog-run area, and a gorgeous walking trail.

KEEP GOING: We Sometimes Take These Things for Granted in Grand Junction

Do you find sometimes you take things for granted? I posted the question on Facebook, "What is something you get to experience every day that sometimes you take for granted?" Here's what you had to say.

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