So you’re back into the swing of the back to school life. Your kids are gone and you’re probably not always sure what to do with yourself. If you’re anything like me, you spent most of the small amount of time this past summer that you weren’t entertaining your kids or working, with netflix and pajamas and snack food. I’m encouraging you to find something new to occupy your time this fall. Here are some ideas to keep Grand Junction parents busy while the kids are at school.

Find A Good Book To Read

Go to the Mesa County Public Library, go to Barnes and Noble out by the Mesa Mall. Find a good book, maybe a self-help book, or study a subject you’ve always wanted to learn about. The best part about reading in your free time, is that you can pick up and stop whenever you need to.


Join one of the local gyms! Crossroads fitness, Gold’s Gym, The Crucible, there are several great local gyms to choose from. You could also join an online workout service like Dailyburn, and cruise by kohl’s, target, or walmart to snag some workout clothes. Either way, getting active is a great way to spend your free time while you’re kids are at school.

Get Coffee

Grand Junction is swarming with amazing, delicious, socially buzzed coffee shops. Just about every area of Grand Junction has several coffee shops to choose from. Meet some new friends, get yourself a caffeine buzz, which will help when you’re trying to figure out your kids common core homework.

Get Away

Seriously, Grand Junction is a great place to live if you need quick getaways. Take a hike, the monument is only 15 minutes away. Go walk one of the river trails, take in nature, and get away from everything. It’s a great way to reset.

Make Something For Your Kids

A lot of moms a very crafty, and have to spend all of their time during the summer with crafts their kids can do with them. If this sounds like you, then I would suggest thinking of a few things your kids could use, such as a shoe organizer, or a coat rack that looks like Legos. Either way, there are several hobby stores in Grand Junction so you’ll have everything you need.

Find A Social Group

There are several local moms groups, single dads groups, parents groups and more around Grand Junction. Take a few minutes to search Facebook for these groups. There are even several special interest groups such as mountain biking, hiking, etc. Sometimes when we are working parents, we forget to have a social life. This is a great way to do that.

Either way, find some things that break the day in day out habits. Don’t just watch netflix all day and fold laundry (while those things are very important, you need to do more).

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