The Wanted aren't walking like Rihanna anymore since they own the night.

The band's new single -- which shares a title with (but sounds nothing like) a Lady Antebellum song -- is a different little number for the boys. It's more EDM than we've heard from the fivesome before, and it's bolstered by these synthy bagpipes that are paired with a sing-along that gives off the aura of a pub crawl chant.

Just picture the members of the Wanted, surrounded by fans, with their pints raised in the air, over their heads, before taking a big sip and sloshing around the liquid in the glass. This is a dance-oriented drinking song, if you can imagine that.

All of these elements make 'We Own the Night' feel rich, lush and full, giving it a communal, hands up, jump up and down vibe.

The Wanted are known for their dance songs that encourage and celebrate staying out until all hours -- who doesn't love 'Glad You Came' and 'Chasing the Sun?' This track is what an easy, breezy track from the Fleetwood Mac catalog would sound like if it was put through an EDM filter and processed with a MacBook Pro. So it has elements of pub anthems and Cali pop.

Coincidentally, the same can be said about fun.'s 'Some Nights' -- it's a modern pop take on Fleetwood Mac, and 'We Own the Night' shares quite a similar melody. The melodies mirror one another, but the songs are entirely different.

'We Own the Night' is an upbeat track with positive lyrics about seizing the day, with this takeaway: "May our hearts be full like our drinks tonight / May we sing and dance / Til we lose our minds." What a perfect way to spend a Friday or Saturday night.

The layered chorus and backing vocals pump the song full of communal energy.

While 'We Own the Night' doesn't have the knock 'em dead hook that the defined the Wanted's previous hits, it is one of those grower songs. That is, you need to commit to at least four or five good listens to really digest the song and its more thoughtful approach and lyrical skew. By the fifth listen, you'll be reeled in.

The song fades out slow and without a bang, but that's by no means a whimper. It just comes to its logical conclusion. Plus, everything that comes before outro, sonically speaking, makes up for a quieter ending. We don't need the big bang here, since it happens throughout the song.

This is a different sonic path for the Wanted and we like it.


Listen to the Wanted, 'We Own the Night'

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