Ariana Grande wrapped her opening slot on Justin Bieber's Believe Tour by performing the brand new song 'Almost Is Never Enough' from her upcoming debut 'Yours Truly,' out Sept. 3, with the Wanted's Nathan Sykes, who features on the track!

Grande was cute in her sparkly red dress and platforms, while Sykes donned a blazer with his sneakers as they belted out their track at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Ga.

The song is a bluesy, romantic ballad that harks back to the old R&B duets of the past, and the twosome exhibited quite the sensual chemistry with one another.

We're glad that Sykes is back to normal after having throat surgery. Whew!

Grande and Sykes hugged it out after their sultry performance. If we didn't know any better, since she's involved with someone, we'd think maybe they had crushes on each other.

But then again, when a male and female perform a ballad together, there's this otherwordly magical and musical thing that takes over and that's what happened here.

These two certainly did a terrific vocal job with the song. Nice work, guys.

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