The solar eclipse will be around 11:40 am Monday, August 21st. You'll need some good tunes to watch this historic event, so here's the ultimate solar eclipse playlist.

I made this Spotify playlist and it's got everything from Pink Floyd to Kanye West to Katy Perry. Since the solar eclipse will begin around 10 am and end around 1 pm, I made sure there's plenty of music for the whole thing. This playlist will definitely get you through the eclipse, it's over 3 hours and 30 minutes long.

Make sure you get yourself some Cheap Sunglasses (but really, if you're going to look at the eclipse you'll need these, that song is on the playlist by the way, you wouldn't want to get Blinded By The Light (also on the playlist) by seeing the Dark Side of the Moon as you witness a Total Eclipse of the Sun (it's a partial eclipse for us, and you guessed it, that's also on the playlist.)

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