Green Chili is a staple around Colorado. Almost every restaurant in the state has a special version or green chili on the menu.

What makes green chili the best, is when you cook it at home. The smell filling the air, readying your stomach for what is to come. If you follow these ten commandments, your green chili is going be amazing.

  • I

    Thou Shalt Always Use Pork

    It isn't really green chili unless you use pork. The flavors of the pork blending with the rest make this dish what it is. Delicious, of course.

  • II

    Thou Shalt Always Dredge The Pork

    Dredging the pork creates a seal to lock in the flavor. In doing so it brings out a more robust flavor to the green chili.

  • III

    Thou Shalt Have A Mixture of Hot and Mild Chilis

    Using a mixture of hot and mild chilis helps bring a balance to the overall dish. Too hot, you won't be able to taste anything for days. Too mild, well if it's too mild that just isn't green chili.

  • VI

    Thou Shalt Use Diced Tomatoes

    Using fresh tomatoes is always an option of course. But going with canned tomatoes brings out a much-needed blending factor of the tomatoes.

  • V

    Thou Shalt Always Use Chicken Stock Never Water

    Using chicken stock instead of water makes this dish so much better. It helps pull all of the flavors from the vegetables. When you do it this way I guarantee it will be the best thing you have ever tasted.

  • VI

    Thou Shalt Only Use Yellow Onions

    You use yellow onions because of their strong flavor.  Adding it to the green chili makes it stand out. Be sure to finely dice the onion. You don't want a chunk full of onion while you're trying to eat, do you?

  • VII

    Thou Shalt Always Use Masa or Flour To Thicken

    The thicker the green chili the better, If you want that thick bowl of green chili, masa or flour will do the trick. Mix it in with the chicken stock to give it a smoother texture.

  • VII

    Thou Shalt Always Sear Before Boiling

    Be sure to sear the pork before boiling. Adding the sear brings another flavor to the dish. It also helps keep the pork from falling apart. When you go to cut the pork that sear will be your best friend.

  • IX

    Thou Shalt Let It Simmer For At Least 30 Minutes

    Letting it simmer for at least thirty minutes provides the green chili time to mix the flavors together. Doing it this way guarantees that the flavors and textures will be perfect. One delicious bite after another.

  • X

    Thou Shalt Share With Others

    You never make a small amount when you are making green chili. Inviting your friends over is always a good way to make sure that it gets eaten. Got to share the love when it comes to green chili

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