Everybody drives differently. Some tend to ignore the speed limit and just drive as fast as they can go. Others follow the speed limit to the letter going exactly as fast as the speed limit tells them to go.

With the highways in town, I don't think that the speed limit is correct. On highway 6&50 going through Grand Junction, the speed limit is set at an honest 55 mph, but I don't think that is fast enough.

Most people drive on highway 6&50 at least 10 over the speed limit. That is why I believe the speed limit should be changed from 55 to 65 mph. This up in speed limit would take away the people speeding like crazy to get to where they are going.

When I drive I tend to go about 5 mph over the speed limit. Yes, I am technically speeding. But if the speed limit was raised I would have been going under the speed limit.

If you were to lower the speed limit I believe that more accidents will happen. Lowering the speed limit will only make people mad. You are making someone go slower than they need to.

This will give those speeders less chance to go even faster. If you're driving on 6&50 while going 75 you will be pulled over in a heartbeat.

Be courteous of other drivers and please raise the speed limit up. All of us drivers will be forever grateful.

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