When most people think of shredding, they think of being up in the mountains on a board, and throwing shade with your board. But this is not the case. The shredding we are talking about is document shredding. Everyone has all kinds of documents that have gathered up in your home, or office. Now is the time to get them shredded for free. Think about it. It only takes one piece of paper to give someone all your personal information, which puts your identity at risk.

If you have documents that have personal information on them, or private information of any type, this is the perfect way to dispose of them, and free your world and office of clutter.

The free shredding will take place on Saturday, April 30th. 225 North 5th is the location. If you are in Fruita, and do not feel like driving to get rid of your papers, there is a solution for that too. In Fruita, the location for free shredding will be 125 North Park Square.

How much can you bring? Great question. Four file sized boxes per household.

But that is not all! While you are getting rid of our old papers, if you bring a can of food, it will be given to the Food Bank of the Rockies. So not only does this even help you out, but it helps others all across the Grand Valley.

[Colorado Document Security]