The City Market closing is tough for us that live downtown.

This was my store. As a downtown resident and City Market "Shoppers Card" member for years, this is where I shopped. The brand loyalty started for me many years ago lone before I moved here. Back home we had Dillon's Supermarkets. When I arrived it was cool to know my card was good here at City Market and I could continue to accumulate points to save on gasoline fill-ups. That was about the only time would hit the 12th street City Market, to get gas.

Recently, it was clear the downtown store was closing and that the end was near. Many of the shelves were bare and with lots of stuff clearance priced. Now that I think about it, I should have stocked up on more of the products I saw on sale.

Kroger, the parent company of City Market, had been talking about the stores' closure for some time. Word is the store was closed because it hadn't been profitable for several years. If you're wondering, the store employees were transferred to other locations.

City Market has nearly two years on left on the lease. The company that owns the property is hoping to get a new tenant in the space soon. Perhaps another grocery store of some kind? Maybe so, but my card won't work there so I'm destined to shop at the 12th street City Market location from now on. Bummer.


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