I know if I'm getting antsy for spring break to get here, my kids must be going insane. Instead of just staying home and not doing anything, take your kids on a nice family trip.

I like to have fun all the time. So here are a few fun things that you can so with your kids on spring break.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is a fun learning experience. You will get an up close and personal look at all these amazing wild animals. This place extends over 750 acres for all different type of animals. You will see bears, lions, wolves, and other rescued animals. All of these animals have a lot of space so they car roam around. Your kids will be in awe.

You and the kids will have a blast at this indoor waterpark. Just hang out with the kids on the lazy river. If you have kids over 48 inches, have them take a turn down the huge indoor waterslides. You can even challenge your kids to a one on one in the water basketball court. This is a fun way to spend the day with your kids. They even have a place for the little ones to where they can play in the water without any danger.

Do you and the kids want to feel the rush of skydiving without the fear of falling 14,000 feet? Well, here that is exactly what you will be doing. If your child is over the age of 3 then they are ready to go. I still haven't done this yet but would really love to. Doing this with your kids will turn them into adrenaline junkies. Are you ready to fly?

The Great Wolf Lodge is a great place to take your kids during spring break. It gives you and the kids a nice break from everyday life. One of the coolest things in this whole place has to be the water fort tree house. You must find your own way out of the fort so that way you can do it all over again. This place is filled with a ton of fun things to do. When you are done go get some food then head on up to your room to relax. Sounds like a pretty good time to me.

How about spending spring break looking through an extremely old cave. Not to mention the fun stuff they have for you to do after the tour is done. When you do take the tour through the cave you will be in one of the highest show caves in the country. My daughters love exploring so I know that this would be perfect for them to do on their spring break.

Now is the time to figure out what you want to do for spring break. You have a few good choices to choose from. So head on out and have some fun!

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