2018 was strange for me. It wasn't all great, but what year is 100% perfect?

Many of us are excited to put this year behind us and are very much looking for to the new year, but rather than focus on the negative let's look at what Y'all pointed out on Facebook to be positive in 2018.

After reading some of the comments on Facebook there were many that made me realize that there's a lot to be thankful for.

New babies, new business encounters, new friends, life, and most importantly to some God.

As for me, I'd agree with the God part of it all. No matter what I believe first and foremost the best thing is always my Heavenly Father.  Without Him, I don't know how I would survive all the negative.

Furthermore, I believe I've been blessed beyond with this job here at the radio station.

I think it's important for us to recognize that others are hurting. Let's not dismiss the negative as many feel that this year wasn't very kind to them. Loss of family, illness, survival mode for many, and many are very much looking forward to the year to end quickly.

The silver lining about it all ...

The best thing about 2018 was that there were positives and it could always be worse.

Look out 2019 here we come.

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