Everyone knows that after the engagement is the wedding. This is the part where everyone starts to get a little antsy.

To make it fun for you and your bride or groom why not do it a little differently then un a church. You and your guest will have an amazing time with whatever venue you decide.

I selected a few choice to help give you a push in the right direction.

The Bearcat Stables look like something straight out of a fairytale. You can choose pretty much anywhere on the property to get married. Not only that you can be brought up to your wedding in a horse-drawn carriage. There is also so much beautiful scenery that every picture you take will be fantastic.

Bella Vista is an amazing place for a wedding. You want to talk about endless views this place is it. With the mountains cascading behind its almost as though it was painted there. Your bride will look even more stunning with a backdrop like that.

Coors Field is the place to be for a baseball wedding. If I could do my wedding again I would get married to my wife here. They let you have the wedding pretty much anywhere in the park that you want. So why not get married at home plate? I think the whole wedding crew would have a blast.

Rifle Falls is just downright gorgeous. This is a place is used to go to as a kid. I never even thought about having a wedding here. But could you imagine saying your vows to the one you love in front of a waterfall?  There is only one thing you can say to something like that. EPIC.

Wine Country Inn is right here in our backyard. Being on this vineyard a couple times it is beautiful. The fantastic thing about this place is you can have your wedding and reception in the same place. Not only that you will be drinking the wine from the working vineyard. Imagine taking pictures as a newly married couple right in front of a full-blown vineyard.

Make both of your days magnificent by having your wedding at one of these places.

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