Nothing is better than some red meat.  The best thing is a nice medium rare steak ready to be devoured.

If you are a steak connoisseur then you eat it pure without any sauce. But I, of course, love me some good old fashion steak sauce.

Here are some amazing local places to get your carnivore on.

Rockslide Brewery & Pub gives you a nice relaxing place to put your feet up and eat a nice juicy steak. The steak is cooked however you like it making you feel right at home. This is the kind of place that you are going to go back too.

The Winery Restaurant is a cozy romantic place where you can get an elegant steak. The wine pairings that go with the steak is perfect. You could sit here for hours and not realize that time has flown by, The steak is so delicious you might want to get a bigger steak so you can take it home and eat it later,

Bin 707 Foodbar makes all of their food look state of the art. They even make their steak look better than Picasso's art. The taste of their steak will make your mouth water as soon as you take that first bite. This is a must try if you haven't already.

The Ale House is one of my favorites to grab a steak. The atmosphere is amazing and every steak I get is made to perfection. Did I mention that every time I go here I eat a nice juicy steak? You will love coming here hanging out and just enjoy a good time and some good food.

Kannah Creek Brewing Company

Kannah Creek is a very relaxed place that will easily become one of your favorites. This is a place to bring your friends order a nice juicy steak and watch the game. Everything you see on your plate is all from Colorado. Now that is what I call local cuisine. Their steak is something you are going to go back in time and time again.

Now it is time for you to go out grab a nice big steak and enjoy each others company.

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