The Christmas tree glowing in the corner while you sitting on the couch full from your Christmas dinner.

You keep glancing over at the dessert wondering when you get to eat that delicious assortment of goodies.

To me, there is no better dessert than glazed strawberry cheesecake.  But I am not picky, if it is sweet I am going to eat it.

Here are a few crazy delicious desserts that would make any belly happy.

Golden Apple Pie is almost as Christmas as Santa Claus. Having the smell of the apples and that buttery crust would drive any person insane. Then when you match it with vanilla ice cream turns it into a heavenly end to your day.

Cherry Crumble is one of those desserts that you almost can't stop eating. The crunch of the crust, and the sweetness of the cherries you will for sure over-eat on this delectable cherry awesomeness. Be sure to let this cooldown or you will burn your mouth off.

The Chocolate Chip Banna Bread is one of my all-time favorites with dessert. You have the sweetness of the chocolate then comes the smooth taste of the banana. All of those flavors together makes you feel like you are at the end of a rainbow. Layer it with a little butter it takes it over the top.

If frosted sugar cookies don't scream holidays then I don't know what will. The good thing about these cookies is that you can have the kids decorate them for you! My kids love to make these flaky sweet cookies for Santa. They usually don't make it through the night.

Peppermint bark is a staple for Christmas. This crunchy delicious treat will be eaten by every person in your house guaranteed. The peppermint taste will make you keep going back for more pieces. Drizzle a little chocolate over the top of it and drive your taste buds wild.

All of these desserts no matter what you choose will be a crowd pleaser. They also are pretty perfect for the holidays.

If your favorite dessert isn't on the list add it in the comments!

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