To kick off the Labor Day weekend, my wife and I decided to hit a trail in the Jeep to check out a 54-year-old plane crash site. The trail is called Bunce School Road in Boulder county located in the Arapaho/Roosevelt National Forest. There are numerous ways to get to the crash site. You can go by foot, Atv, dirt bike, or vehicle. If you are taking a vehicle, please be aware you will need high clearance and decent size tires.

Our Jeep Wrangler with a 4-inch lift and 35-inch tires performed flawlessly on the trail. 4x4explore can give you a more detailed description on how to get to the there if you are feeling up to the challenge of the trail. At the end of the motorized vehicle trail, you will come to a sign letting you know that you are close to the crash site.

Matt Sparx
Matt Sparx

From here it is a short walk in the woods to the wreckage. Check out the photos below of what remains of T-33 plane that crashed in the forest on June 27, 1965. The two crewmen that piloted the plane, USAF Major Jay E. Currie and USAF 1st Lieutenant Donald B. Darby, lost their lives in the crash.


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