Update on the Lake Christine fire that was allegedly caused by Allison Sarah Marcus, 22 and Richard Karl Miller, 23. Both Richard and Allison turned themselves in Sunday, July 15 and admitted to being in the wrong.

July 3, Allison and Richard were at the Basalt Public Shooting Range shooting illegal tracers.  Both were wanted for a felony in their involvement of the Lake Christine Fire, which ruined three homes, and 11 square miles. As of Sunday, it was 60% contained.

There seems to be a bit of confusion on why there was a warrant out for their arrest if they were the ones that called 911. To clarify, they did report the fire and they did wait to talk to the authorities, however, they were not completely honest at first, nor were they being charged at that time.

Bond for both was set at $7,500 each, and due in court on August 17 for their arraignment.

Source: NBC 11 News

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