Have you seen this touching video documenting the creation of a statue in honor of slain Grand Junction, Colorado man Warren Barnes?

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Grand Junction Residents Honor Local Man

This short video is one of the most touching things you'll ever see. The statue was erected on November 20 of this year, but this amazing video just went live on Youtube barely 48 hours ago.

According to a blog by Rocky Mountain PBS:

Barnes was a staple of the downtown Grand Junction community. He was a man who loved to read and had many friends, including the local wildlife. Feeding birds and getting lost in books, Barnes could often be found in the same breezeway day after day.

Grand Junction Resident Murdered

In February 2021,  69-year-old Warren Barnes was gruesomely murdered near downtown Grand Junction. A 19-year-old suspect was arrested, telling investigators he had sought to kill someone who would not be missed. As stated by Rocky Mountain PBS, "...Barnes wasn’t who he assumed him to be."

Where To Find the Artwork Honoring Warren Barnes

Make your way to downtown Grand Junction and look for Monique's Bridal Shop at 527 Main Street. You'll find the statue in the breezeway between Monique's Bridal Shop and Out West Books.

Why Books as Subject Matter?

Barnes was a man who loved to read. Some referred to him as "The Reading Man." As it turns out, I had met him a time or two, but sadly, didn't really know him.

Please make a trip to this location and take a moment to appreciate this artwork. I've stopped by the breezeway a time or two since the murder, but there's now another reason to visit.

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