Watch the brand new trailer for 'Spy', a comedic spy movie starring Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy.

This is kind of reminding me of the 'Get Smart' movies, which I've only seen the recent one starring Steve Carrell. It's basically a spy comedy with a hint of the dark horse feel.

Although it doesn't seem like a full original idea for a movie, it does look very funny! I'm hoping it's better than Melissa McCathy's last movie I saw 'Identity Theft'. Other than that, I really enjoy watching her work. I think this one is going to be worth going to see, at least it seems really funny from watching the previews.

I'm ready for all of the summer movies to get here! I might be going to a movie theater more than ever before this summer and this one has been added to my list of must sees. What movie are you looking forward to the most?