Every teacher deserves our respect. They go to work every day with the will to teach our kids without hesitation.

On May 8th celebrate those teachers because it is National Teacher Appreciation Day.

I'm going through finals right now and I can see the stress in all of my Professors faces. They do what they do without second guessing themselves. That to me is complete dedication.

If we can trust them with our children every day throughout the school year I believe that they deserve so much more. So maybe go that extra mile before you leave class for the day and just tell your teachers that you appreciate what they are doing. Or when you get your kids let their teachers know that they are doing an incredible job.

Did you have that one favorite teacher growing up? Let us know how they affected your life by putting it in the comments! would love to hear some stories about some amazing teachers.

Use the hashtag #NationalTeachersDay for when you put anything on social media!

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