My pets are an amazing addition to my family. Even though I have so many they could take up a farm.

February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day. I could swear that this day is about me and all my furry children. When you have three dogs, six cats, and seven more kitty babies that were just born some could say that it's a little too much.

But no this guy, no sir. I love all my amazing animals. On the 20th I will be spoiling my animals like no other. The 20th is like Valentine's Day for these furry creatures. Why not make it like that?

Anybody who owns a pet or has own one knows the feeling you get when you are around your animals. They love you unconditionally. As soon as all my animals hear that door open your legs are not safe. Imagine 3 dogs and 6 cats running towards you because their best friend is home.

So on the 20th treat your animals to something you wouldn't do every day. Take them out to the dog park, get your cats a new kitty post. They won't know that this day is about them but who cares. To them, every day they get to spend with you and get loved turns them into one happy animal.

Are you going to do anything special for your little fur babies? Let me know what fun things you have planned for those fuzzy extensions of your family.

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