It's National Puppy Day, I think. Some say it's today others say it's tomorrow, March 23.

I don't really care because I love puppies, if I could have more I would.

My puppies are now dogs but I still consider them my pups. It's kind of like my children, they're adults but they're still my babies.

In honor of National Puppy Day, we would like to see your pups even if you're like me and your puppies are grown.

Some ways that I'll be celebrating National Puppy Day will be playing frisbee with my Border Collie Izzy. That is her favorite thing to do. She loves it.

Now my little Chihuahua on the other hand obviously can't catch a frisbee that's bigger than her. She'd try though. She just likes to cuddle.

I'll spoil them and give them their favorite treats and I might even take them to Freddy's to get them a puppy cone.

Post a picture and let us know how you'll be celebrating National Puppy Day.

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