On May 19th we all need to celebrate National Armed Forces Day.

Everyone who is currently in the armed forces or has previously been in the armed forces deserve our respect.

I never got to meet my grandpa but I do know he fought for our country in World War II. For that, I wish that I could tell him thank you.

Even if you don't have anyone in your family that has been in the armed forces, there are so many other people risking their lives to protect ours. So when you see someone wearing their gear or the gentlemen or ladies who have previously served, be sure to stop them and let them know that you appreciate everything they have done.

It is a hard thing to go through having someone you love very dearly leaving to go protect the freedoms that we have,

When posting to social media use the hashtag #ArmedForcesDay. We would love to see all the men and women who have been apart of the armed forces.

To every single one of you protecting our country and to those who have already served, I salute you!

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