Colorado is one of the states in the union to legalize marijuana. This prompt the question...should Colorado have a Marijuana Mascot?

According to Mashable, in Columbus Ohio now has a new mascot named "Buddie". Buddie is tall, fuzzy, and green. The purpose of the mascot is to get Ohio to legalize marijuana. In fact, when Buddie shows up to events, he arrives in a truck painted with marijuana leaves declaring: "Yes on legalization.".

This has caused major debate and controversy within the state. According to health advocates

Buddie is reminiscent of Joe Camel, the cartoon dromedary proven so effective at marketing cigarettes to teenagers in the 1990s that R.J. Reynolds was forced to retire his image. They said the pot mascot makes light of a dangerous illegal drug in a manner appealing to kids.

Do you think that having a mascot is a bad thing for the people of Ohio? If marijuana is legal in Colorado, should we have a mascot?

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