The Mesa County Sheriff's Office warns of a scammer pretending to be a Mesa County Sherrif's Deputy. These are signs that that phone call, is definitely a scam.

The Mesa County Sherriff's Office has received numerous calls concerning calls from a scammer. The scammer impersonates a Mesa County Sherrif's Deputy and claims you have missed jury duty and that you have to pay or there will be an arrest warrant issued.

The scammer claims he's "Sgt. Ken" -- Mesa County Sherriff's office says there is no "Sgt Ken." The Sheriff's Office states:

We would NEVER call you about missing Jury Duty or threaten you if you don't pay money. 

Other things to be aware of is that scammers usually ask you get a prepaid credit card, iTunes or a money order for example.  They usually ask you to pay over the phone but when it comes to paying actual fees, you have to make them at the Mesa County Sherrif's office, in person.

If you feel like your phone call may be a scam, hang up. Then call (970) 244-3500 to see if they're scamming you or not. And if someone calls to say they've got a warrant out for your arrest, that's a scam. If you have a warrant, they won't call, you'll just be arrested.

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