People in 27 states, including Colorado, are getting sick from handling pig ears dog treats.

Pet Supplies Plus had issued a recall on those pet treats on July 3 because of the chance someone could get sick, and they have.

20 of the 97 people who have gotten sick from the pig ears have been hospitalized due to handling the treats. The risk to humans comes from not washing their hands after handling the treats and then handling food and other things which can not only make the person who handled the treats sick but everyone around them as well.

Iowa reported the most illnesses with 18 followed by New York with 11. Several states where the products by the company were not shipped also reported illnesses.

If you have any of those treats around make sure you use rubber gloves, dispose of it in a secure container then wipe down all of the surfaces it may have been in contact with and thoroughly wash your hands.

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