Safety is always a first priority no matter what you are doing. From driving, biking and walking, simple tips can be helpful when you are out and about. 

Here are a few tips that may seem simple, but do make a difference.

  1. Always look both ways when crossing the street.
  2. Always cross within the crosswalk, and with the signals.
  3. When biking, always wear your protective gear like helmets and pads.
  4. If walking, walk in pairs and wear reflective clothing if at night.
  5. Do not text while driving.
  6. It goes without saying to not drive under the influence.
  7. When crossing the street with children, always have a hold of their hand.
  8. Be a part of your neighborhood watch, to make a difference in your local neighborhood.

Every day, we collectively deal with possible situations that could occur. By using these tips, how prepared are you to be safe??