A man has passed away after accidentally falling from the First Flatiron in Boulder. No one appeared to be with him while he was rock climbing.

The rock climber accidentally fell from Boulder's First Flatiron Thursday (Oct. 26) afternoon. Authorities say that he seemed to be alone at the time of the fall but they're continuing the search for a backpacks/gear.

Two people reported hearing the man fall but authorities have not found someone who witnessed it. Rescue teams hiked about a mile to get to the man. They were on the scene a bit before 1 pm by 2 pm the man was determined dead, according to the Daily Camera. 

Unfortunately this is the second time this has happened in only thee past few months. 17-year-old Carter Christiansen accidentally fell from the First Flatiron in August. Rescues are common in this area and routes and difficulty vary depending on your gear and the rock formation.

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