The latest shot in the battle to make people accept and love their bodies has been fired by a doll that could very well turn the toy industry on its ear.

The Lammily doll, selling for $24.99, is shaped to reflect the body of an average 19-year-old woman, using information from the CDC.

As you can see in the video above, it's being met with cheers.

Lammily was created by Nickolay Lamm, 26, who launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise more than $500,000 toward it (he was only seeking to raise $95,000, which should indicate people felt he was onto something). As he says, "This is the doll people have been waiting for."

In addition, the doll (for an extra $5.99) comes with brown hair and stickers for cellulite, freckles and zits. It's Barbie if Barbie looked like an actual woman. Why the extra touches? As Lamm explains, “Look, we all get boo boos and scratches. Life isn’t perfect, we all sometimes fall down but we get back up.”

Get a look at the Lammily doll below.