Little girls and collectors of all ages love Barbie. There have been many different styles of Barbie dolls over the years, but if you are planning on giving the gift of the "Hello Barbie" doll this year. You may want to know this ahead of time.

According to CNET and NBC News and RT America, Barbie could be trouble for not only parents but kids as well.

The idea is cool. The Hello Barbie Doll uses the internet to give more creative responses to your kids and it remembers the responses and learns as the conversation progresses.

The problem is that researchers found the application and the cloud server that connect the doll to the Internet would allow attackers to cut through security protections and access recordings of children's conversations with Barbie.

Matt Jakubowski discovered that a flaw that would potentially allow hackers to pinpoint home addresses of doll owners.

If that isn't scary enough, the "Hello Barbie" isn't the only toy that's run into internet safety or privacy concerns.

Account information was stolen from more than 6.4 million children who use the Learning Lodge App store for VTech toys. VTech has hired a high-profile cyber security team to deal with this issue.

When you are out shopping this season. Parents should be very aware of the internet connected toys that are on your kid's wish list.