My favorite season is Girl Scout cookie season (who would disagree?!) and all of my friends have sent me messages within the last 48 hours to set aside money for Girl Scout cookies!

This year I have a plan to buy only one box for myself and the others I will giveaway! If you ask my husband he is NOT on the same plan! But heck, I want to share the cookie I love. Here is the plan, I have set aside $44 this month for my favorite cookie, Samoans, I will pass out one box every day for ten days. Awarding people for doing random acts of kindness that match the daily criteria:

Day 1- If you smile at me!

Day 2-If you are holding your child's hand.

Day 3-If you hold open a door for someone else

Day 4-Say Thank YOU!

Day 5-Compliment a stranger.

Day 6-Let someone go in line in front of you.

Day 7-Pay the tab of the person behind you.

Day 8-Read to a child or a elderly.

Day 9-Return a shopping cart.

Day 10-Buy a hot meal for someone less fortunate.

I will be out in the community next month passing out my ten boxes of Girl Scout cookies looking for you!

Will you join me on this Random Acts of Kindness Girl Scout Cookie crusade? Let's see how many boxes we can give out for random acts of kindness!