Girl Scout Cookies are the BEST! I'll take one box of each. Make that two boxes ... no, no, no make it three, four, five boxes of each, please.

Super proud of our very own Super Trooper, Mya that has us all excited about cookies here at the radio station.

Forget the Super Bowl when we have the Super Troopers right here in Grand Junction. I can't believe how many boxes of cookies that the super troopers were able to get in the KOOL van.

These girls work so hard and learn so much through these cookie sales. They are young entrepreneurs in the making.

When you buy a box of cookies from the Girl Scouts you are helping these smart, youthful girls thrive in so many ways.

These cookie sales are not just about our favorite cookie it's so much more but it's no secret that many of us wait for this time of year to arrive just so we can bite into that delicious taste.

So, which cookies are your favorite? Caramel deLites/ Samoas have always been mine but those darn thin mints trail right behind and if they're in front of me watch out I can't stop eating them.

Grand Junction Loves That It's Girl Scout Cookie Time

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