Rainn Wilson thinks the trend of glamorizing gluttony will do for today's America exactly what it did for the Roman Empire. Check out his interview with Conan!

What's more American that hating hipsters and foodies? Probably hipster foodies. It's the deadly combo that Rainn Wilson and the rest of us (or maybe it's just me) all share a hatred of.

It's not that I necessarily hate the hipster or foodie, I mainly hate how they act. Liking something first and liking something unique does not make you better than anyone else! I would start a blog about it but all of the hipster foodies would tell me how they blogged about things before it was cool. So, thank you Rainn for letting everyone know it's okay to not like them.

By the way (as my ADD kicks in), have you seen Rainn Wilson's new show 'Backstrom'? I watched it last week and it was actually pretty good. I don't usually like shows that air on FOX but it was good. Thought I would throw that out there since we were on the topic of Rainn Wilson.