Valentines day has been divided up into several types of people. Some who love it, some who loathe it, and those who really could not care either way. Which are you?

Elite Daily has come up with a pretty cool list of Hashtags. Let's see which group you fall into shall we?

1. Those who go above and beyond every holiday.

These individuals you will see on your news feed. It is almost contagious. They use loving hashtags such as:

#LoveIsAllWeNeed, #HugsAndKisses

2. People who cannot stand Valentine's Day. 

You can actually feel the hatred from these people. Negativity is planted firmly on the loathing of this holiday. You can recognize them from Hashtags like this:

#$!@^ThisHoliday, #VDayScam

3. The single and alone person.

They make it a point to take selfies dressed in all black, and make sure everyone knows how lonely they really are. You will see posting mostly about how they are filling themselves with chocolate and wine in misery.

#ForeverAlone, #PassTheWine

4. The person who shares every gift online.

Look what my honey got me, and I love them so much. Yeah, it can be somewhat annoying, but for some reason, you cannot stop looking at the 40-pound chocolate bar they just showed off. The Hashtags for the sharer of all things good look like this:

#BlessingsOnBlessings, #HowDidIGetSoLucky

5. The Nonchalant Valentine's Day person.

These are the people who just want to enjoy time with their significant other. They really could care less where or how they just enjoy the company.

#WhyDidn’tYouMakeReservationsThough, #LetsJustGetChipotle

So which category do you fit into?