Everyone hates Monday. Except me, and my little ones. I decided to get them right when they got out of school and go for a hike.

The kids and I went to Sandie Trail out in Fruita. With the weather being rather warm this was the perfect trail. Most of the trail was dry with only a few spots covered in snow.

It was warm enough outside that we chased some lizards for a good twenty minutes. With everything that has been going on with the school shootings and threats, it was nice being able to just get away and just hang out with the kids.

I could tell that all three of the kids were having a blast. They were able to just go and run off and not have to worry about anything. That is how it is supposed to be. Just you the kids and nothing else.

At least once a week I am going to be taking the kids away from it all so that way all of us can reset. Feel free to come rest with your family.

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