Powderhorn is delaying the opening day of their 2020-21 ski season and it's not because of COVID-19.

Blame this one on Mother Nature.

Unseasonably dry and warm weather and record high temperatures in November has been great for golfers, but, definitely not for skiers. Powderhorn Mountain Resort has announced they will delay their opening until at least the first week of December.

When the resort does open, skiers will need to be aware of what skiing in 2020 looks like and it most certainly will be different this year.

The most notable difference on the slopes this year at Powderhorn will be face coverings and social distancing. Powderhorn says face coverings will be required "in every part of our operation including inside all buildings and during all ski and snowboard lessons." Masks will be required to access the mountain, in the base area, in lift lines, and while loading and unloading on chairlifts. Simply put, guests who don't comply will be asked to leave.

Powderhorn will also be working to manage the number of people on the slopes and in their buildings. Currently, there are allowed to operate at 50% capacity. Equipment rental will be available exclusively online with advance reservations and there may be some changes in the way equipment is picked up and dropped off in order to accommodate social distancing protocols.

Powderhorn General Manager Ryan Schramm says some of the changes may be a little inconvenient but believes it's a small price to pay for safety and the chance to have some fun on the slopes. I completely agree. We should be grateful that Powderhorn has worked so hard in the off-season to ensure there would be a ski season and is committed to taking the necessary steps to make it happen--and to make it as safe as possible for ski enthusiasts who are anxious to hit the mountain.


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