Police in Greenwood Village near Denver destroyed a home looking for an armed suspect who took refuge in it and the family who owns the home will not be compensated for the damage.

The police were alerted to the address by a burglar alarm. They all made it safe outside but police became aware that Robert Seacat was inside and was refusing to come out. Seacat, who does not know the family chose the home randomly and for 19 hours withstood several rounds of teargas, the breach of the home by a BearCat armored vehicle as well as the explosives used to create sightlines for officers.

By the time the standoff ended and Seacat was apprehended, the home had literally been destroyed. The city offered to pay for temporary housing for the family but did not offer to repair the damage they had done on the home.

They have since filed a lawsuit in District Court stating the government cannot take private property without just compensation.

Ther department attempted to defend their actions, stating they had an armed and dangerous individual in the home and he needed to be apprehended. The owner of the home says it will need to be torn down and rebuilt.

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