If you aren't afraid of heights, the Phantom Terrace hike is a Colorado hike for your bucket list - even if it's not for Halloween.

Challenging Hike, Dazzling Views

This is a hike that offers some splendid views of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains in south-central Colorado. The area is known for red hues emanating from the peaks at sunrise and sunset. It's gonna be work, but the end result will be some dazzling views.

Exposed, Steep, and Scary

Here's how 5280.com describes Phantom Terrace.

The Phantom Terrace is exposed and can be scary, especially for those who are afraid of heights or who experience vertigo.

The Venable-Comanche Loop takes you to the Phantom Terrace about 5 miles into the hike. You'll know it when you get there. The Phantom Terrace is so-named because it's hard to spot this camouflaged ledge until you are there. It's a narrow rocky section that is exposed and steep with a drop of more than 1,000 feet.

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No Known Phantoms Haunting the Trail

Along the way you'll see two alpine lakes above 12,000 feet and you'll climb to the summit of Comanche Peak with an elevation of 13,277 feet. You might want to bring along your telescoping fishing rod - and, by all means, bring your camera.

This is definitely a challenging hike with about 4,000 feet of elevation gain by the time you've completed the 13-mile hike. Despite the name, PhantomTerrace, there are no known phantoms believed to be haunting the trail.

You'll find Phantom Terrace near the town of Westcliffe, Colorado - just west of Colorado Springs.

Colorado's Scary Phantom Terrace Hike

If you would enjoy a challenging hike with stunning views, the Phantom Terrace on the Venable-Commanche Loop in south-central Colorado belongs on your bucket list. Scroll through the images below to get a taste of this amazing Colorado hike.

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