Chances are, if you've spent much time hanging out in small towns in Colorado, you've crossed paths with these types of friends. Here is a small sampling of the folks we know and love in small-town Colorado (and some of the things you KNOW they say).

The I'm Better Than This Place Friend


We've all hung out with this person. Heck, we've probably BEEN this person a time or two. "There's nothing to do here." "All the people in this town suck." "When I save up a couple hundred bucks, I'm out." But somehow, they seem to be there... year after year... with no real reason to stay... other than to complain about it.

The Outdoor Friend


"We're going camping this weekend!" "Wanna float the river on Saturday?" "Wanna join my over-sunned friend and I for a leisurely 10-mile hike tomorrow?" "Sure mountain biking is tough, but once you've done it for 2 years, you start REALLY liking it!" Ever envious of their golden skin and tight butt cheeks. Hey, speaking of butt cheeks...

The Sparkly-Butt Friend


"We're going to The Buckle to use our punch cards!" "Vodka. Red Bull." "I only spray tan now, brah." "Shots. Patron." "No, Courtney. He was too clingy." You never lose them in a crowd... bright side. Or should we say, backside? Always down for a good time, though, and you know they have your back if things get ugly.

The "Hippy" Friend


"We have a gig on Thursday for beer. I know, cool, right?!" "Yes, these dreads are real."  They're passively political, in a PASSIONATE way. You always find them hanging out at your friend's "glass art" shop. They give the best hugs of anyone you know, and you can count on them to listen.

The 10 Kids and Loving It Friend

"I'm pregnant!" "Grocery shopping has never been such a joy." "We have a date night scheduled in December." "I just found vomit in one of my shoes." "Wanna go to the pool?" "Send your kiddo over. What's one more?" Basically, the most patient, organized, slightly-insane person you know.

And there it is! Our personal sampling of just a few of the fun peeps we love in our lil' towns.