It's crazy to think how fast time is moving, and some parents are going to really feel that as they will soon be signing their child up for preschool. The information was just released by the KREX news, about children 3 to 4 years old on or before August 31st of this year will be able to apply for District 51 preschool for the 2021-22 calendar year.

If you're a parent that has a child in this age range and you would like to move forward with getting them applied for District 51 preschool you will need to pick up an application and ASQ developmental screening between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at the Hawthorne building (located at 410 Hill Avenue) or you can click here to request the needed applications by mail or through email.

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Besides just completing the applications and returning them to the Hawthorne building parents are also going to need to bring a copy of their child's birth certificate as well as immunization records to enroll.

There are a number of District 51 preschools that offer tuition-free preschool to eligible kids at these learning sites:

  • Appleton Elementary
  • Broadway Elementary
  • Career Center
  • Chatfield Elementary
  • Clifton Elementary
  • Dos Rios Elementary
  • Dual Immersion Academy
  • Fruitvale Elementary
  • Lincoln Orchard Mesa Cottage
  • Lincoln Park Cottage
  • Loma Elementary
  • Mesa View Elementary
  • Monument Ridge Elementary
  • Nisley Elementary
  • Orchard Avenue Cottage
  • Pear Park Elementary
  • Rim Rock Elementary
  • Rocky Mountain Elementary
  • Shelledy Elementary
  • Taylor Elementary
  • Thunder Mountain Elementary
  • Tope Elementary
  • Wingate Elementary

If you have any questions regarding the application process or District 51 preschool at all please call (970) 254-5429 or (970) 254-5422.

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