New murals are headed to Fruita and the Downtown Parking Garage in Grand Junction! The aRT program (art of the Riverfront Trail) is looking for artists for the murals, here's how you do it.

The art program has done awesome things for the community. The program has expanded the artistic community and has put the spotlight on Riverfront Trail. These murals seem to protect the area.

"The murals seem to have been very effective in not only beautifying a difficult area but in some cases, they seem to have even reduced the number of homeless camps and their associated trash and hazardous waste. We’ve seen no graffiti or tagging over any of the approved artwork," said Grand Junction Police Chief John Camper.

The Junction mural will be on the south side of the parking garage in Grand Junction during the Downtown Arts Festival. The Fruita mural will be along the trails leading to the Colorado River State Park in Fruita. I have always wanted to paint a mural and I think it's amazing that anyone can do it! All you have to do is submit your application with your concept and they take it from there. I'm putting an application in, are you?

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