Disney villains put a Halloween-type spin on OneRepublics 'Counting Stars' and it features most of the "favorite" villains of Disney past.

If the kids didn't already like the song before, I'm sure they're going to enjoy this version of it! It might have even brought a sense of nostalgia to you with all of the villains from years ago.

It's called 'Counting Scars' by Disney villains which, again, was inspired by OneRepublic's 'Counting Stars'. I'm partial to the original version but I'm not sure I fit the Disney demographic anymore. It felt like a very animated version of the song that I like the younger ones would enjoy. And I don't think it's the scariest thing they'll be seeing this Halloween.

It's funny because Scar really was my least favorite Disney villain of all time. Growing up watching 'The Lion King' hundreds of times... it's fair to say I hated him. What did you think of the song and what was your most hated Disney Villain?

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