This one tank getaway takes you from Grand Junction to Green River, Utah, which is about 100 miles one way. Green River has a crystal geyser, a beach and is famous for their melons -- and cinnamon rolls.

Welcome to Utah!

There's a couple of places you could stop on the way to your one tank getaway. The first place to stop and stretch your legs is also the perfect photo op. It's right on the Colorado/Utah state line. It's the 'Welcome to Utah'' sign and it about thirty minutes from Grand Junction.

The Ghost Town of Sego, Utah

Another stop is about 50 minutes away from the 'Welcome to Utah' sign and 30 minutes before you get to Green River. Sego is a ghost town that's been abandoned since 1955. There are a few houses and a company store still standing, as well as, remnants of the coal mine too. The Sego canyon also has rock art form different Native American cultures. Sego is on private property but is open to the public.

Welcome to Green River, Utah

After you check out the ghost town of Sego, 30 minutes down the road you've reached your destination of Green River, Utah. Green River is a small town of about 1,000 residents. This was the stomping ground for Butch Cassidy and his Wild Bunch.

Rare Cold Water Geyser

Green River is home to a very rare cold water geyser, it's one of only 15 in the world. The mineral-rich water creates brilliant organ travertine terraces as it erupts from the geyser, according to Visit Utah.

World Famous Melons

The town is famous for its melons, so it'd only make sense that there would be the Largest Watermelon here too. Another great photo op is a picture of the huge melon. Taking a picture with the Largest Watermelon may have worked up an appetite, time for a riverfront treat.

Amazing Views During Dinner

Tamarisk Restaurant is right along the Green River and conveniently across the street from the Largest Watermelon. The Najavo fry bread and cinnamon rolls are highly recommended according to Yelp. 

Desert Oasis

As you're wrapping up your one tank getaway in Green River, Utah, the last stop is a beach. Specifically, Swasey's beach. I've been missing the beach more than anything since I've moved to Colorado (second to the beach is my family) and this looks like the perfect final destination. There's even sand on this beach along the Green River. Get you a piece of peace at Swasey's Beach before you hit the road back to Grand Junction.

We made it easy for you to find all these awesome locations:

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